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Thea Lavin, a Wisconsin-born-and-raised Jewish woman, co-founded Supporting Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and sustaining the House of Hope Vision School -- a Waldorf school in the West Bank designed to help children overcome trauma-induced obstacles to learning.  

Lavin says, “Sometimes people ask why both the House of Hope and reGeneration Education support Waldorf education. Waldorf meets the three major qualifications of trauma-informed education. 1) It repairs a child’s emotional regulatory abilities; 2) It repairs disrupted attachment, so a child can securely attach to a caregiver; and 3) It increases a child’s psychological resources, which help them hold on to positive emotions, develop strengths and identify tools of resilience. 

Waldorf is also the type of trauma-informed pedagogy Palestinian parents are united around. It is very popular among both Jewish and Palestinian parents.”

Read the article about House of Hope Vision School here at the Wisconsin Muslim Journal.
Photo Credit: House of Hope Vision School

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