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The experiential science seen in Seacoast Waldorf School classrooms has made the news! Local Maine news crews came out to the classroom to film the students making slime and learn more about Waldorf education’s “head, heart, hands” approach to learning.

“There's no better education than self-education,” teacher Leda Eggold said. “We want to allow the students to observe the phenomenon and arrive at those conclusions themselves."

Experiential learning is an active approach to a subject’s lesson; “active” meaning an approach to material which uses different senses, tactics, and manipulatives. The slime making news crews filmed at Seacoast Waldorf School is a perfect example. While a tell-and-show approach to science may save time, Waldorf schools allow students the time to become scientists and pique their curiosity.

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Photo Credit: Seacoast Waldorf School

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