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Waldorf education and two AWSNA Member schools were recently featured in The New York Times ongoing coverage of outdoor learning. The Times spoke with administrators at the Berkshire Waldorf School in Massachusetts and the Monadnock Waldorf School in Keene, N.H. to check in on outdoor learning in winter and gather tips for keeping student’s warm. 

Layers, hot tea and water bottles in snowsuits were just a few of the recommendations offered. Nell Wiener, the Head of Program at Monadnock Waldorf School said of water bottles: “They’ll just tuck them down into their snow pants and go for hikes with their core being warmed.”

Perhaps the most important element in outdoor learning is flexibility. As Karen Fierst, the reopening coordinator for the Berkshire Waldorf School said: “Be preparing for change, as opposed to preparing for any kind of perfection,” And be comfortable with needing to shift plans on the fly.

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Photo Credit: Berkshire Waldorf School 

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