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Waldorf100+1: Run! Skip! Dance! Across the Continents

Supporting our communities to stay active during COVID-19
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We continue to celebrate 100 years of Waldorf education as we move TOGETHER across the continent, visiting every Waldorf school in North America along the way, and also those in the U.K. and beyond! 
Beginning May 4, 2020 and continuing through September 11, 2020 (the 100+1-year anniversary of Waldorf education), we invite you to run/skip/dance+ your way with us from Waldorf school to Waldorf school, starting in Maine and ending at a school to be determined! We shall see how far our legs and arms and hearts get us!

How it works:
  1. Choose your activity/ies (see activity-to-mile equivalents)
  2. Every Friday, check here and on Facebook and Instagram for a video update on where we have traveled that week!
and help us, as a continental Waldorf community, to move 10,000+ miles across North America and then on to the United Kingdom and beyond!
Share your photos with us on social media! 
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Week of 9/5/2020 Adventure Updates: Our Final Week!

This week:
We arrived in Germany to tour the first Waldorf School - the oldest in the world founded in September 1919: The Waldorf School Uhlandshöhe!
And today... we reach our end, dear adventurers and movers!
CONGRATULATIONS! Tremendously well done, one and all.
Start: The Greenwich Steiner School
End: Waldorf School Uhlandshöhe, Stuttgart, Germany
We moved together for a grand whopping total of 45,364 miles!
Schools who took the lead in miles:
Linden Waldorf School
Whatcom Hills Waldorf School
Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor
Pasadena Waldorf School
Blessings and joy for a wonderful, adventurous and safe week ahead! 

Run - Skip - Dance!

Week 19 - Arrival
AWSNA and APWE Schools Participating in Run! Skip Dance! across the Continent:
A.M. Winn Elem. School/FCUSD: 280
Alice Birney
Anchorage Waldorf School 
Aurora Waldorf School
Asheville Waldorf School
Austin Waldorf School: 1003
AWSNA: 3,940
Berkshire Waldorf School: 817
Bright Water Waldorf School: 689
Brooklyn Waldorf School: 157
Casa Umai: 1,667
City of Lakes Waldorf School: 708
Escuela Raices: 102
Emerson Waldorf School: 174
George Washington Carver: 282
Haleakala Waldorf School: 158
The Hartsbrook School: 138
Jardín Coporillo
Linden Waldorf School: 5,379
Live Oak Waldorf School: 2,130
London Waldorf School
Madison Waldorf School
Maine Coast Waldorf School: 1,513
Meadowbrook Waldorf School
Mountain Phoenix: 220
Mountain Song
Nevada Sage Waldorf School: 159
Okanagan Waldorf School
Pasadena Waldorf School: 4,198
Philadelphia Waldorf School
Prairie Hill Waldorf School: 879
River Oak Charter
Rudolf Steiner School - Ann Arbor: 7,009
Rudolf Steiner School NYC: 150
Sacramento Waldorf School: 2,240
San Francisco Waldorf School
Sandpoint Waldorf School: 148
Seacoast Waldorf School
Seattle Waldorf School: 3,553
Shining Mountain Waldorf School: 2,332
Sparrow Academy
Sunbridge Institute
Syringa Mountain School
The Bay School
The Waldorf School of New Orleans
The Waldorf School of Philadelphia
Upper Valley Waldorf School: 102
Vancouver Waldorf School: 1,777
Waldorf Academy: 149
Waldorf School of Bend: 556
Waldorf School of Louisville: 101
Waldorf School of New Orleans: 212
Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs: 307
Washington Waldorf School: 710
Whatcom Hills Waldorf School: 7,945
Whidbey Island Waldorf School: 1,378
York Steiner School (U.K.)