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COVID-19 Resources for Members

Last Updated JUne 5, 2020
On behalf of AWSNA member schools and institutes, the Association is working with independent school associations in the U.S. and Canada to gather resources and share protocols related to COVID-19.   AWSNA member communications and related exchanges, questions, sharing of ideas, school communications, actions, and materials can be found on the AWSNA Community Hub in the COVID discussion section and library folders.  
Please frequently check this webpage for updates and resources. The location of individual schools and institutes, level of COVID-19 in your community, organizational culture, school safety guidelines and individual legal considerations should be accounted for in reviewing the information provided.
Important notice: The following information, as well as information on the AWSNA Community Hub, does not constitute endorsement of any materials, recommendation, service and/or product, or legal advice.
As with any new practice, protocol or policy, there is legal risk. We encourage schools to work with legal counsel prior to implementing new policies.