Save the Date for AWSNA Summer Conference 2024

Monika Sutherland, Conference Chair -


Radiant Self, Resilient Students, Robust Schools


Radiant Self

How do we fortify ourselves and deepen our inner development? 
How do we strengthen ourselves to thrive in our current environment and maintain health and well-being?
How do we rest? 
How do we experience fulfillment in the midst of the busyness and complexity of what we do?

Resilient Students

In a polarizing world, how do we fortify students and children to strengthen their will to work together?

Robust Schools

How do we build community? 
How do we welcome contributions and support equitable experiences? 
How do we expand our community to include all marginalized groups? 
How do we create real belonging and safety?
How do we create an environment where we can be ourselves and feel safe and at home?
How do we make our community environment safe, vibrant, and inclusive?